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Feb. 8 Sleepers

Our sensory tubs were replaced with driftwood today and our classroom became a construction zone. We built mountains, bridges, caves, and ponds. Our classroom animals explored and played on all of our creations. We also started making our own puzzles to have as a game for our shelves.

This week was the first week of a four week series called Sleepers, Flappers, Snackers, and Nappers. These are four categories of ways that animals have adapted for the winter season.

Today we focused on Sleepers. We read two books about animal hibernation and shared places we thought animals could hibernate – underground, in trees, in dens, and caves.

Outside we found a surprise in our field! A large mountain of snow was leftover from a weekend activity. This mountain quickly became a sliding hill, a penguin home, and a location of buried treasure. The mountain because a great opportunity to practice using our words to make plans with our friends and also a way to practice being aware of our body space. We checked above us and below us before climbing and sliding.

We also helped fill the birdfeeders and tried to stand very still to see if any birds would come to us.

While warming up after our fun in the snow we made bears and bear caves to take home. Some of us were very ambitious and created entire bear families to snuggle together for the winter.

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