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Feb. 1 Eggs, Eggs, Eggs

Our glaciers in our sensory tubs had animals frozen into them today! We worked hard as a team to rescue our frozen friends. We also used packing peanuts and toothpicks to create 3D animals, ships, caves, and dens.

Our story today, “Eggs, Eggs, Eggs” followed the life of an egg with a baby chick inside. We also made a list of animals that lay eggs and decided which one we may see on our hikes this spring. Some of our favorite animals lay eggs!

Outside we were a colony of penguins! We practiced waddling like penguins and talking like penguins. We also made a penguin apartment at our climbing rocks.

Before heading home we made our own dinosaur eggs. We decided that although we wont see any dinosaurs on our hike that they may have lived in Michigan a long time ago.

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