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July 17th, Fantastic Fish

Hi grown-ups!

We had a “Fantastic Fish” day! Today we learned about the types of fish that live in our area and what obstacles fish have to overcome. We made cool fish hats, went for a hike and played an awesome game. We even ate “fish” (crackers) for our snack! We also started worked on our nature camp journals. We’ll add pictures and drawings everyday this week. On Friday, we ask that our grown-ups come half an hour early so that you and your camper can share their journal together. You’ll also be there when they get their award (possibly from a very special guest)! For today, ask your camper what kinds of fish live in the water near their homes. If you’re feeling super adventurous try taking your camper fishing!

Tomorrow is “Fabulous Frogs” day and it is going to be wonderful! We’ll go frog hunting, play some hoppin’ good games, and go on a hike. Wednesday is still a water based day so please include shoes that are okay to get wet with your camper, as well as a water bottle and hat. As always please apply sunscreen and bug spray ahead of time.

See you tomorrow!

Jessica, Julie, Courtney, and Margarita

2012 Wet Wonders Camp Staff