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September 18th – FALLing for Fruit

Good afternoon Grown-ups!

What another fantastic day of Peepers! This morning we learned all about amazing apples. We read a book about apple pie (Yum!), we made apples prints, and we finger painted apple trees! One of our favorite parts of today was after we investigated 5 kinds of apples…we got to eat 5 kinds of apples! Some of them were very sweet and some of them were very sour. It was raining a lot and even hailing a little bit so we didn’t go outside today, but we still had a TON of fun!

Next week we were going to learn all about maples leaves but since the trees aren’t ready to change quiet yet we are going to wait one more week! That means next week we will explore “Spinning Spiders” instead! We will have a craft, an activity, a story (with a very special story spot) and if the weather cooperates… an outdoor activity too. We look forward to seeing you next week!

See you Tuesday morning,

Courtney and Barb
“The Peepers People”