Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

Fall/Winter Wrap-up

Thank you!

Thank you to all of our wonderful knee high naturalists that made this fall/winter knee high session one of our best yet! Thank you to you too! Our parents and guardians are the backbone of this program and we appreciate everything you do in support of our program and your naturalist(s).

Throughout this fall/winter session we had a blast learning about everything nature. We explored the Natural Education Reserve around the Boardman River Nature Center by dipping our toes in Jack’s Creek to scoop up macro-invertebrates in our nets, by lifting rocks and logs to find endless amounts of earthworms and we stocked our natural parts lab with tons of materials to create with and satisfy our senses.

Some highlights of this session included impromptu mud-play on the trails around the Nature Center using the Nature Center’s new full children’s rain suits in the outdoor gear library as well as creating our own magnetic fishing polls with just sticks, string and magnets.

These moments your naturalists were able to experience during this program helped facilitate their natural curiosity and joy in the world around them and help them to establish a sense of ownership of the Nature Center. They embraced the freedom to play and interact with their environment while learning to appreciate the variety and scope of the natural world. Thank you for a great fall/winter session, we cannot wait to see you back at the Nature Center! Please enjoy some pictures below that we snapped throughout the session: