Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

Your Gateway to the Natural World

Everyone who lives in or visits northwest-lower Michigan knows that we are surrounded with an abundance of natural beauty. At the Grand Traverse Conservation District, we believe it is important that all people have the opportunity to access and explore the rivers, lakes and forests that make our region so unique. As you engage the diverse beauty of our region we hope you will come to care for and ultimately steward these complex and ever-changing landscapes.

Whether you prefer to lace-up hiking boots, strap-in to cross-country skis, tie a fly, or paddle down the Boardman River, Grand Traverse County is your perfect playground. We invite you to grab your camera and holster your binoculars and come explore the more than 20 miles of nature trails—or spend an exhilarating afternoon paddling, fishing or otherwise enjoying the “Blue Ribbon” Boardman River.

Keeping the Grand Traverse Region Beautiful
The Grand Traverse Conservation District models sustainable land management practices as we care for and provide public access to more than 3,000 acres of the region’s most treasured natural landscapes, along the Boardman River and throughout Grand Traverse County.

From our headquarters at the Boardman River Nature Center, visitors can view and learn about several sustainable landscapes including rain gardens and native habitat gardens.  We restore and care for wildlife habitat in all aspects of our operations, including the Invasive Species Network.

If you’re looking for a serene afternoon stroll, or a challenging-yet-beautiful hike through the woods, we invite you to experience all the natural wonders that this bountiful region has to offer.