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Experience 231 Smartphone App



Who is Experience 231™?

Experience 231™ is a group of non-profits and local government organizations that are working together to preserve and protect the natural resources of Northern Michigan. The lands they manage offer some of the best outdoor recreation experiences in the country including: hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, swimming, paddling, and birding. Join us on Facebook.

Support Experience 231: 7 organizations + 1 gift = access to nature for all

Experience 231 is:

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This free smart phone app will allow locals and visitors alike to instantly access information about 300 year-round outdoor experiences – hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, skiing, swimming, paddling and birding — with a user interface that allows you to instantly select one that fits your particular needs and interests.

Simply tell the app what you want to do and how much time you want to spend, and it takes care of the rest. This app also includes accommodations for pet owners, people with disabilities, and connects you to rental information if you don’t own all the gear you need.

With insider knowledge and a beautifully designed interface by  Lake Effect Associates, this app makes exploring the expansive recreational opportunities in Northern Michigan a breeze.