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September 23rd – Eight-Legged Friends

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Hey there Peepers!

Today we learned all about those friends with eight legs –  SPIDERS! We learned that spiders are NOT insects because they have 8 legs instead of 6. We read a really fun book called “Diary of a Spider” and made a fun spider web craft. We then went on a spider web hike! We found lots of spider webs and even a small spider! We made it all the way to Jacks Creek and found a yarn spider web that we had to pass through! Luckily, we all made it through without getting captured by the spider! After we made it back to the nature center, we played a fun game of spiders and flies!

Next week we are learning all about Maple trees! We will be making some fun maple leaf crafts and even trying some maple syrup!

See you next week!

Miss Torey