Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.


Ecosystems is an engaging Environmental Education Program designed for grades 5-6 and 8-10 at the Boardman River Nature Center. In this 2 hour program, students will explore what defines and ecosystem, why they are important, and what we can do to help preserve and conserve our natural environment.  Through interactive games and an outdoor hiking adventure to see different ecosystems first-hand, students will have a better understanding of their relationship and other species’ relationships to the ecosystems we interact with every day.

The Ecosystems Environmental Education program will encompass three main components:

  1. What makes up an ecosystem?: The hands-on activities will give awareness to students about different ecosystems and their special characteristics.  Students will participate in a ecosystems hike to further understand the living and non-living elements that form an ecosystem.
  1. How are different species populations related?: The Ecosystems program provides students with the opportunity to interactively learn predator/prey relationships between populations of animals and how the changes in one population may positively or negatively affect another.
  1. Where did all of the land go?: This program will help students discover what happens to the animals and resources of ecosystems as parcels of land are bought and used to serve ever-growing human needs.

All of our programs meet many Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Next Generation Science Standards.

For a full list of standards that the Ecosystems Environmental Education program conforms to, CLICK HERE.