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July 24th – Dune Day

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Hi Grown-ups!

Today was such an exciting (and tiring!) day. We traveled all the way to Sleeping Bear Dunes where we learned about dune ecosystems with the Leelanau Outdoor Center. After a brief scavenger hunt at the Visitor Center, we learned about the five stages of  dune succession. Then we got hiking! We went up and down and up and down and climbed all over some dunes ourselves!  We made sure not to step on the dune grass though! We made it to Lake Michigan and learned about the legend of Sleeping Bear and found out about the special stuff in our sand! Ask you camper why dune grass is so important. It was truly an awesome day in the sun, sand, and water.

Tomorrow we’re learning all about the sun and energy plants and animals need to survive. We will play games, make a yummy solar snack, and more. So get rested after our super field trip and come ready for more fun!

See you in the morning!

Ms. Courtney, Ms.  Jenny, and  Ms. Torey