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August 20th – Clever Camouflage








Hey Campers!

Today we learned all about animal tracks and camouflage. We got a special visit from a painted turtle and a garter snake! Afterwards, we learned about animal tracks and practiced identifying the tracks that were hidden around the nature center. We then hiked down to Jacks Creek and ate lunch and spotted a frog! Boy was it in camouflage! When we got back to the nature center, we played a fun hide-n-seek type game but the seeker couldn’t move, so we got to show off our camouflaging skills! See if you can spot any campers below!

Tomorrow we are learning about birds! We will be going on a birding hike and even using Jacks Creek as a bird bath for us! Make sure you bring your swimsuit and a change of clothes!

See you tomorrow!

Miss Torey 
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