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August 1st, CAMOUFLAGE!

Hi Grown-Ups!

Today was the best day ever! The campers learned about camouflage and how animals use this mechanism to provide themselves. We started the day by playing a game about bats and a game about camouflage. Then, we BUILT FORTS! They were awesome! Finally we collected sticks, and leaves, and other nature stuff on our hike back to build camouflage dioramas.  At the end of the day, two of our campers even found a snake!

Tomorrow, “The Plants GROW for it!” We will learn all about different plants and then we will head down to the water for a really fun surprise! A pair of water shoes or shoes that are okay to get wet are recommended for tomorrow. At the very least a change of socks just in case! Also don’t forget a water bottle,  sunscreen, and bug spray if you need them!

Have a fantastic night!

2012 Nature Olympics Camp Staff