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Boardman River Dam Update: 8/27

Contractors continued to make significant progress at both ends of the project. Near the dam, Bierlein, the demolition sub-contractors, are clearing the brick and other debris from the powerhouse location.  They should be done with that part of the project today.  Molon continues to drive sheet pile for the temporary dewatering structure just north of the powerhouse.  For those of you that have been out to the viewing area near the canoe launch or at Buck’s landing will attest to the fact that this is the noisiest part of the job so far.  If you haven’t been out to see this first hand I urge you to do so.

Crews continue to make good progress dredging the new channel at the east end.  Checkout the above picture of some tree stumps.  The way the stumps are leaning tell us they were more than likely a part of the north bank of the relic river channel.   The stumps, along with the presence of gravel tell us we’re close if not right on the relic channel alignment.   Molon added another tracked hauler (3 total) so they’re really moving the material now.  They haul it to a designated spoil site where it’s spread by a bulldozer.  I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of organic material in the spoils which means all disturbed areas should re-vegetate fairly quickly.  We’ll just need to keep on the invasive species that will no-doubt show themselves.

Friday afternoon we placed buoys across the river at the upper end of the project.  We did not see any evidence this morning that anyone tried to paddle into the project area so the warning signs upstream must be doing their job.  Besides a few curious visitors that broke down some snow fence and entered the construction area Sunday, everything has been going very well so far.  I’ll send out my next update either late tomorrow or Wednesday.  Until then, please let me know if you have any questions.

– Steve Largent, Boardman River Program Coordinator

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