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Boardman River Dam Update: 1/8

As work winds down for the winter at Brown Bridge we find the project both on schedule and on budget.  A popular belief is that the October 6th breach of the de-watering structure put the project ahead of schedule.  But in reality the subsequent response to the breach and investigation delayed many aspects of the project.  So for the project to be both on-time and within the projected budget is huge.  The Implementation Team, AMEC, and Molon did a great job of keeping the project moving forward despite everything else that was going on.

With the dam removed and the river flowing back in its original channel the primary focus is on sediment control and in-stream habitat.  Molon operators starting at the upstream end of the project area and working their way down cleaning the channel of sand and placing wood that will provide critical habitat for fish and insects.  Plans are to maintain a sand trap at the lower end of the project to remove sand as it works its way downstream.

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

– Steve Largent, Boardman River Program Coordinator

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