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July 16th – Below the Surface Swimmers: Fish

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Hi Grown-ups!
Today was a full day of splashing and fun! We started out learning about fish from our friend Mr. Beaver. Mr. Beaver told us that fish like to eat insects that live in creeks so we took an adventure to the Nature Center’s very own  Jack’s Creek! At the creek, we used nets, tubs, underwater viewers, and more to explore all the aquatic macroinvertebrates (a fancy term for for bugs you can see with the naked eye). We found scuds (freshwater shrimp), drangonfly nymphs, water striders, and worms! We finished up our day under the shade of the pavilion making fish sensory bags. So squishy and fun!

Tomorrow, campers should  bring their listening ears and sharp eyes because we’re going bird watching! But before we can find them, we’ll learn all about what makes birds special. We are also looking forward to doing some cool crafts with Blackbirds Arts Studio.

We’re excited to see you in the morning!

Courtney, Jenny, and Torey