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July 15th – Beautiful Bats and Other Mammals

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Hello Grown-Ups!

Today was mammal day! We learned what makes some animals a mammal and what all animals need in order to survive. We then played a really fun game called “Bats and Moths” where one child was a blindfolded bat and the other children tried to save a butterfly from the bat! It was really fun! We then took a hike to look for animal homes. Afterwards, we read a book called “Stellaluna” that was about how bats are mammals even though they fly like birds! Of course, we had to make bats out of our hands to end the day!

Tomorrow, we will be learning all about fish and their habitat. We will be going to Jacks Creek where we will be looking for animals underwater! Make sure to bring a snack for tomorrow!

See you then!

Courtney, Jenny and Torey