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August 27th – Animals of the River

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Hello Grown Ups!

Today we learned all about animals that live in or near rivers! We started by playing with animal puppets and explaining why the animals needed the river. We then played a fun game that tested our animal track knowledge! The campers had a identify which animal was there’s by looking at the animal tracks! Afterwards, we went to Jack’s Creek to find the perfect spot for our animal from the animal track game (before the storm came, of course)! Finally, we read a really cool book about animal tracks and finished up the day with a cool animal track activity sheet!

Tomorrow we are going to be looking at water quality! We will be hiking back down to Jack’s Creek to test the water to see if we have a healthy stream! Make sure that your camper brings their water shoes!

See you tomorrow!

Ms. Courtney, Ms. Jenny and Ms. Torey