Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

Animal Adaptations

Exploring Animal Adaptations is a captivating Environmental Education Program designed for Grades 3-5 at the Boardman River Nature Center. In this 2 hour program, students will identify and compare structures in animals, and will relate characteristics and functions of observable body parts to the ability of animals to live in their environment. The program is designed to get kids outside, introduce them to the wonders of nature, allow them to explore the outdoors, and to participate in an active learning environment. It was developed to inspire exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

 This program was created specifically for grades 3-5 but can be adapted for other age groups as well.

Exploring Animal Adaptations
will include three components:

  1. Structure & Function: Organisms have different structures that serve different functions in growth, survival and reproduction.
  2. Environmental Adaptation: Different kinds of organisms have characteristics that help them to live in different environments.
  3. Human Impact: Humans change environments in ways that are helpful or harmful for themselves and other organisms.

All of our programs meet many Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations and Next Generation Science Standards.

For a full list of standards that the Life Cycles of Plants program conforms to, CLICK HERE.