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August 20th – Adventure!

Hi Grown-ups!

What a spectacular day to start camp! We had so much fun today! We (get ready…) built fishing poles, went bug catching, played capture the flag, checked out some bug traps, went through a maze, completed an “unnatural walk” to learn how we can be better friends to nature, played a matching game, worked on our journals, had a special snack for someone’s birthday and went on two hikes! Whew! What a day!

We caught a few grasshoppers, some crickets, a millipede,  and a few spiders. We found and identified Spearmint, Red Osier Dogwood, Snake Grass and Bed Straw (a sticky plant)!

Tomorrow is Survival Day! We’re going to learn how to use compasses, check for signs of animals, identify tracks, play some games, go for some hikes and do some other really awesome activities! Be ready to have some fun!

Please dress for the weather and apply sunscreen and/or bug spray before camp if you want your camper to wear either!

We look forward to seeing you in the morning!

Jessica, Courtney, Emily and Callie
2012 Outdoor Explorers Camp Staff