Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

9/25- From Tadpole to Frog

We started our day with a delivery of pumpkins from Farmer Jack. We worked on washing the pumpkins and decorating them with pipe cleaners. This was a great way to work on our fine motor skills with tongs and practice sharing. When we had sufficiently washed all the animals we headed outside for snack and our story.

We read from Tadpole to Frog by Wend Pfeffer. We learned about the life cycle of a frog and discussed metamorphosis.

On our hike along the banks of Sabin Pond we saw the crew working to removing the Sabin Dam. We walked along to try to get a better view point and along the way discovered a fun hill. We each climbed up to our comfort level and encouraged friends along the way. After everyone was safely down we found a very spongy log where we talked about decomposing wood. We mastered the challenge of walking single file over the boardwalks to go check on Fairy Falls. We decided that next week we want to all wear our boots, so we can explore the falls.