Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

3/8 – Sounds of Nature

We used our ears today to discover sound. We started with imitating rain with watering cans and colanders in our sensory tubs.

Our story, The Listening Walk, introduced us to many different sounds that can be heard when walking silently outside. We giggled a lot practicing making the sounds of things like old cars, jack hammers, and shoes walking in mud.

After our story we used musical instruments to model the sounds of the natural world. We were the ocean, the wind, a rainstorm, eagles flapping their wings, and water rushing over the waterfall at the Sabin pond dam. We also made our own animal castanets to take home.

Outside a fresh layer of snow renewed our enthusiasm for making snow angels, having snow ball fights, and being penguins. We also turned each other into snow mermaids. We went on a grand adventure through the pine forest and had to follow our tracks to find our way out.

We also went on a short listening walk and heard the water rushing from the dam and the crunching of snow under feet. While walking silently, we saw a robin – a sign that spring is on its way.

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