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2/22 Nappers

Today was week three of our animals in winter series. We explored “nappers” – animals that sleep a lot in winter but don’t truly hibernate. We found out that animals like opossums, skunks, porcupines, and raccoons are “nappers.” This is why we only see their tracks on warmer days, the rest of the time they are sleeping.

Our story, “Animals in Winter,” helped us learn other winter “nappers” and we had fun raising our hands and practicing group sharing to identify the winter categories of the animals. We also sand out song, “Sleepers, Flappers, Nappers, and Snackers.” We are getting pretty good at it!

Outside we left some seed snack for our “napper” friends and tried to search for home where animals might be napping. We found some holes and burrows and made guessing to who would be sleeping inside. All the thought about animal homes had us thinking about our eagle’s nest that we built earlier in the year. We went hunting for it and tried to rescue it from the icy layer of snow.

Before heading home we made porcupines with forks, paint and paper and had a silly time trying to name them with rhyming words. Our favorite was spiny piney.

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