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2/15 Flappers

Today was the second week of a four week exploration series about what animals do in winter. Our theme today was “flappers” and we focused on migration. Our sensory tub of birdseed helped us practice our fine motor skills and spatial awareness by finding out which holes in our tools were large enough for the birdseed to fit through.

Our stories, “North: the Amazing Story of Arctic Migrations” and “The Long, Long Journey,” helped us make a list of all the animals that migrate. We also looked at a map to see where some animals go in winter and discussed what adaptations we have that make it so we don’t have to migrate.

Outside we went on a hike down to the Sabin pond overlook. The trails were quite slippery so we were able to practice our balance and giving each other space so we could be safe on the stairs. We also found that the snow was the perfect depth for sliding. We pretended we were penguins and had an adventure sliding down a hill next to the trail.

While warming up after our adventure we made our own migrating geese to take home.

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