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12/7 Whooo is in the woods

Snow came into the classroom this morning! We made burrows for animals to hibernate in and mountains for them to climb. We also practiced our fine motor skills by making great horned owl hats with colanders and feathers.

During our snack and story time we read “Owl Moon” and “Owl Babies.” From the stories we found out that owls are nocturnal and their young are called owlets. We examined a taxidermy snowy owl to see how their talons are covered with feathers, their eyes are huge compared to their head, and guessed at where their ears may be. We also checked out an owl pellet and the bones it contained. We debated which animals may be the favorite food of owls. Lastly, we used a rope to demonstrate how owls feathers are designed for silent flight, compared to those of other birds of prey.

Outside our world was dominated by all the fresh new snow. We used a ruler to measure – 5 inches of fresh snow in our open field. We made snow butterflies, snow kitchens, a castle, snow birthday cakes, and had a snow ball fight. We also practiced calling out for owls!

clyde throwing snow Clyde with snow colander hat Ellie and Nori Ellie fern with cones fun inside snow Josephine oliver and genna oliver kitchen Willa with snow willa