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1/25 Winter is Coming

Icebergs were a great way to start the day in our hands-on stations. We experiments with creating waves and currents to help the ice to melt. Our toy animals also went for rides on the ice. Since we only have four icebergs, we practiced sharing and problem-solving.

In our book, “Winter is Coming,” we followed Lily the snowshoe hare on an adventure through the forest in fall. As we listened, we saw Lily’s brown fur coat slowly change to white. We decided this would help her to camouflage for the winter. We also got to check out the nature center’s display of the snowshoe hare. We made a list of other animals that change color seasonally. One lives right here in Michigan! The Ermine, or weasel.

For our craft we made snowshoe hares that are colored for winter on one side and summer on the other.

On our walk, we followed animal tracks through the snow and went on a very motivated search for Lily the hare. Although we didn’t find Lily, we found evidence of rabbits and places that would make a perfect rabbit winter home. We also found lots of ice chunks in the snow that were very fun to drop and see how small they would break.

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