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12/14 Hibernation

What an exciting day! Over a foot of snow on the ground is perfect for hibernating! We started our day playing with colored snow in the classroom and played a game to match awake animals with their hibernation homes.

Our story today, “Time to Sleep”, introduced us to critters that hibernate. We found out slugs and lady bugs hibernate just like bears! We then chose our favorite hibernating animals and made paper puppets and caves to take home.

Outside we built dens and caves in the snow to test if people can hibernate and explored how trees are different in the snow. We shook their branches to make our own snowstorms! We also checked on the snow creations we made last week… no luck… mother nature had covered them up.

Back inside we had one final snow adventure playing with shaving cream before we said our goodbyes for winter break.

Our second session of Knee High Naturalists begins Jan. 18th.

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clyde crawling genna matching story story2 surprise tongue buried clyde 2