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12/6 – Snow is Falling

What a fun filled snowy day! Some of us started out painting snowmen with cotton balls and adding buttons and hats made of colored construction paper while others dove into the shaving cream sensory bin. We loved getting our fingers in it and trying to find the bouncy balls that were buried. We even put our little excavators in it to look like a blizzard-it looked like they were in a blizzard! After our craft we played a game of bingo and each won an awesome prize at the end! We then transformed into birds of prey, butterflies, and flowers to finish off the inside portion of our morning.  

All that play got us hungry and ready for our story. We loved having our snack by the deer in the Nature Center so much last week that we did it again this week! We settled in for our story Snow is Falling by Franklyn M. Branley and filled our bellies. Our story taught us about different types of snow, how snow can help plants and animals, and how it can keep us and wildlife warm and protected. We thought the igloo in the story was pretty cool! 

After snack we bundled up and headed out into the snow. We painted the snow with squirt bottles making sure we shared all the colors with our friends. Next on our list was snow angles! We all laid down next to each other and made a line of snow angels. Since the snow was good packing snow, we made snow balls, tiny snow men, and even made little snow babies that we carried around and loved.  

Once back inside we were excited to work on our craft-snow globes! We each got to pick out tiny animal figures, colored pom poms, and glitter to put into our snow globes. It was magical to see the glitter float around once we shook them up! To finish our day together, we practiced our fine motor and eyesight to string beads on thin wire. We made necklaces for ourselves and family using beads and charms. Some of us were very exited to give them to our family as presents. Next week will be our last session of Knee-High until the new year!