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11/9 Nature’s Giants

Our first snow of the season just so happened to be the same day as Knee High. We began our day making paper snowflakes and drawing snowy scenes with white crayon on black paper.

Our book today was called, “The Lonely Giant.” It told the story of a giant who destroyed the forest and mountains where he lived, scaring all the animals away. The giant become lonely and realized he needed to replant the forest so his animal friends would come back, especially the birds.

We made bird feeders to take home to make friends with the birds in our own yards. We also designed and made our own giants to take home. Before heading outside to enjoy the snow we enjoyed a picnic snack inside.

On our hike we watched the birds to see if they were acting differently now that it was snowing. We noticed they were all puffy, especially the chickadees. We also played a game where we pretended to be different animals that live in our woods.

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