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1/18 Winter Trees

Our friends had a wonderful time sharing with each other their personal happenings from the break between sessions.

We started our day playing in an indoor sandy beach in our hands-on sensory station. Our classroom toy animals had quite the picnic snacking on sand soup and sand donuts.

Our book for the day was Winter Trees. We heard about the characteristics different species of trees have that help us to identify them in the winter time. We passed around cones from a couple different conifer trees and practiced using comparison words like larger, smaller, wider, and skinnier. We also decorated a snowy tree to take home – this art project helped us practice our fine motor skills and our pencil grip.

Outside we followed SO MANY animal tracks through the snow! We found rabbit tracks, deer tracks, mouse tracks, and maybe raccoon tracks. On our hike we looked at the trees in winter time and searched for the identifying characteristics we learned about in our book.
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