Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

11/30 Batty for Nature

We were batty today!! Our day began with coloring bat pictures and making mud. While making mud we got to experiment with liquid to solid ratios as we slowly added water to our dry soil. We also practiced problem-solving with friends as we made plans for how to use our mud. Many of our classroom toy animals found their way into our mud as well so we worked as a team to clean them.

Our book today was “Bat Loves the Night.” We found out all of the adaptations that bats have to help them live a nocturnal life. We also checked out a bat’s skeleton and fur up close and compared them to the bones and fur of other mammals. We then made our own bats to take home.

During snack we listened to a funny bat story called “Bats at the Beach,” which became inspiration for much of our outside play. In the story, bats had a giant beach party where they roasted marshmallows so we pretended to make a fire and roast our own marshmallows (leaves). We also practiced making sounds that we thought bats might make for echolocation and tried our best to hang upside down by our feet.



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