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11/16 Fabulous Foxes

Today we were transformed into foxes. Our story, “Little Fox Goes to the End of the World,” told of a fox on a grand adventure. We found out that the foxes that live here are red foxes, but there are foxes that live almost everywhere else in the world.

We got to touch fox fur and look closely at their adaptations using samples from the visitor center. We also decorated our own fox masks and practiced fox yipping to become foxes ourselves.

Before heading outside we worked together to clean up many of our morning activities.

On our hike we searched for dens and burrows where foxes could be living, looked for deer paths in the meadow, and hiked on a boardwalk where we had yet to go as a class. Even the evergreen trees there were turning bright orange. We took a break halfway though our hike to play hide and see at Jack’s creek and our game was interrupted by some trout loudly splashing in the creek.

Just a reminder, there is no class next week. Happy Thanksgiving!


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