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11/8 – A taste of Winter

Today we started off creating owls out of paint, feathers, chalk, and paper. We used clothes pins and cotton balls to bring our feather friend to life. Some friends decided to visit the new sensory bin! We had sticks, acorns, bark, leaves, corn, and more. Once we had finished our own we moved onto carving the last of our pumpkins! We used our imagination to come up with a mouse pumpkin, a goofy pumpkin, and a couple other scary pumpkins. 

After cleaning up and getting our snack we settled in and used our listening skills and read today’s book, Owl Babies by Martin Waddle . We read about three baby owls who woke up in the night to find their mother was gone. They were worried at first, but then realized she must have gone hunting and would be home soon. Sure enough she silently swooped through the woods and returned home to find her owl babies sitting on a branch awaiting her return. We were so relieved when she came back! 

After our book, we bundled up and made our way outside. We practiced patience and team work to help our friends get all our winter gear on! To our delight we found snow on the overlook and made tiny snowballs! We took turns dropping them over the railing to watch them fall through the sky. We noticed that rolling the balls in the snow made then grow bigger and bigger. We even named one Wallace. After making our snowballs we decided to take a walk to play in the creek and climb our favorite tree.