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11/15 – Big Tracks Little Tracks

Today we celebrated Animal Tracks! We started our day crafting squirrels out of Dixie cups and paper and using dough and molds to make tracks of bunnies, bobcats, and beavers. Our sensory bin was full of corn and beans which we turned into “ice cream” and used our imagination to fill our tummies for winter.

All the crafting and pretend eating made us hungry! We cleaned up and then sat down for our snack and story time. Today we read Big Tracks, Little Tracks by  Millicent Selsam. In the story we learned about using our detective skill to track animals like cats, dogs, fox, and bunnies. We learned that cats make tracks in a single-line and even though they have sharp claws the claws don’t show up in the track. We also learned that we can tell which direction a bunny has ran by its tracks. Bunnies tracks show their big feet first and their small front feet last.

After our snack and story, we decided to take what we learned and go outside to be nature detectives. We found so MANY tracks! The snow allowed us to follow them off the trail to a new part of the woods we have never visited. We observed bunny tracks, deer tracks, and some others we couldn’t quite make out. While outside, we also collected some leaves for a special project we had to complete once we were done being detectives.

Once we made it back to the Nature Center we got out our painting canvas, paints, and leaves, then painted a picture for a special friend of the Nature Center.  Some of us decided to continue painting on paper and even pumpkins! Once our painting were complete we transformed ourselves into coyotes and turned off the lights to howl! Ms. Taryn had to come over to make sure we had not turned into coyotes! No class next week but we will see you back on November 29th!