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11/1 – A Harvest in Fall

We started our day at our new sensory tables discovering how to push and fill containers with our field corn. Some decided to decorate the classroom with bird cut outs. We worked together to play Memory and a new classroom favorite; Animal Bingo! Once we finished our third round of bingo we washed our hands and prepared for snack  

Our story today, “Pumpkin Jack” described the life-cycle of a pumpkin. We found out that pumpkins grow on vines with big leaves and if you leave your jack-o-lantern to decompose in the garden over the, yet it will grow new pumpkins the next summer.  

We bundled up and set outside where we worked to put the garden to bed for winter. We pulled plants and “flung” them into our compost pile. We each harvested Lavender and Thyme for us to take home. We all LOVED the smell of our bags. We decided we wanted to visit fairy falls. We collected sticks along the way to try our hand at fishing in the creek by fairy falls. We only caught leaves, but we still had LOTS of fun! We had a friend get really wet in the creek and was very sad. The whole class practiced empathy and made him drawings to help him feel better!   

Once inside, we decided to decorate our classroom and paint the wall! We loved being able to make the classroom our own. Next week we will be discovering animals of the night!