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10/5 – Over and Under the Pond

What lives over and under the pond? We started our day exploring the animals in our “classroom pond.” This was a great way to work on our fine motor skills with tongs and also practice sharing. When we had sufficiently rescued all the animals we headed outside for snack and our story.

We read Over and Under the Pond by Kate Messner. We found out the types of animals that live in ponds (like Sabin pond) and heard about their life-cycles and habits. A toad also joined us while we listened and snacked.

On our hike along the banks of Sabin pond we found holes made by a Pileated woodpecker, saw burrows, and looked over head for nests. While looking out over the pond we saw many tracks and wondered who had made them. We also saw ducks and heard the calls of Sandhill cranes. We mastered the challenge of walking single file over the boardwalks and suspension bridges and discovered a spring seeping out of the ground below us.

PLaying on the rocks spring Story time Pond2 Pond1 Tree Sighting Toad Touching Puzzle