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10/19 The Raindrop that Wanted to be a River

Where does the water in Jack’s creek come from? Our story, The Raindrop that Wanted to be a River introduced us to watersheds. Although we weren’t sure where our creek started, we knew that rain helped the creek to grow and that it flowed into Boardman river.

After snack in the sunshine, we decorated boats made out of corks to float down the creek. We sent our boats down a shallow part of the creek and practiced safe boundaries and following directions to keep boats from floating downstream. We also used team work to rescue boats that were floating just out of reach.

We weren’t the only creatures having fun in the creek. Two huge salmon swam right through our flotilla and even bumped right into Ms. Emily’s leg! We quietly followed the salmon to where they were hiding and got to see camouflage in action as we strained our eyes to find them beneath logs.

On our hike back to the nature center we watched a praying mantis on a hunt for grasshoppers. We also saw another praying mantis that had accidentally been stepped on by one of our classmates. We used this as an opportunity to practice forgiveness towards friends when there are accidents and also discussed how the praying mantis was now going to be a snack for another animal, helping out the food web.

Clyde matching creek play IMG_3259 IMG_4579 IMG_4580 IMG_4582 IMG_4586 IMG_4592 IMG_4593 REading stream Tower tree climbing smiling Gena tree climbing unnamed