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10/25 – Autumn Senses – Sight and Sound

This week we worked with our sense of sight and our sense of hearing. We used our sense of hearing when we played in our beans and rice sensory bins. We noticed the sounds it made when the beans or rice went through the funnel. We used our sense of sight during our game of Bingo. Ms. Taryn would draw a card and the group would look at their own boards and see if it was theirs. We had several friends helping others to make sure no one missed their card. When our bingo card was all full we had so much fun yelling BINGO! We handed out gems to all our winners!  

During snack we read It’s Fall by Linda Glaser. In the book we remembered all the sounds of Fall and how all the animals are getting ready for winter. After the book we shared our favorite part of Autumn. Falling leaves was a group favorite. We bundled up and headed outside!  

On our hike we made trails and drawings in the dirt with sticks we found. Some friends chose to play on the “jungle gym”, a huge white pine tree that had nice low branches for climbing. Once all our friends got their climbing out, we headed down the stairs to “the Valley”. It was a new area we had not discovered yet. We saw a HUGE tree that had fallen in the perfect place to make a balance beam! We practiced patience and teamwork as we worked with our friends to make it across. After a few slow tries, friends were almost running across the tree!  

We were feeling chilly and our legs were getting tired, so we went back to the Nature Center to warm up! Inside Ms. Taryn gave us cookie sheets and shaving cream. We had LOTS of fun spreading the shaving cream around. When we were ready, we put paint in our shaving cream to create the look for fall leaves. We “painted” leaf cutouts with our shaving cream. We had so much fun! We decided that next week we wanted to use that as our sensory bin. Next week we are talking about PUMPKINS!