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10/18 Autumn Senses – Touch and Smell

Today we said goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn! We started the morning with some homemade
cinnamon playdough to get our sense of touch and smell working. We cut some up like pizzas, rolled
some into balls, and even made some playdough snowmen with crazy hair! Some friends decorated
pumpkins and scooped out all the seed. We noticed how slimy and cold they were.

After free play, we had some snack and read a book called ‘Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn’. We
learned about how plants and animals prepare for the cold weather. After the book we talked about all
the changes outside our windows we noticed on our way to the Nature Center this morning.

After putting away our snack, we bundled up for our outdoor adventure! Outside, we started with a leaf
scavenger hunt. We were on the lookout for green leaves, yellow leaves, fat leaves, little leaves, spikey
leaves, and curled leaves. We used our sense of sight to spot them on the trail. After a quick stop to
check on the construction we continued our search down Sabin Trail. We matched our leaves to our leaf
guides and stocked up on some good ones. Our friend May found a leaf as big as her head!! We also
pretended to be leaves for a little while on the branches of our oak tree jungle gym.

We made it back to the warm classroom and looked through our collection of leaves. We set to work on
making some leaf banners. We glued our favorite leaves onto some construction paper and strung them
up with some twine to hang up in the classroom. Some of us even stuck some leaves to our pumpkins!
When we got all cleaned up, our classroom still smelled like cinnamon, leaves, and pumpkins – the
perfect autumn mix! Next week we will be taking in Autumn using our sense of sight and hearing!