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10/11- Because of an Acorn

We celebrated all things acorns today! We started the day by creating acorn shoots. We used recycled materials to build tunnels for our acorns to travel down. We helped each other each create our own shoot and worked together to problem solve when we hit a roadblock.

We took a vote and decided to eat a snack in the Nature Center under the Elk, we read Dot & Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery by Ellen Stoll Walsh. In the story, we met two detectives (Dot and Jabber) who were trying to solve a mystery of how a little oak tree got in their Meadow. They followed the clues and discovered a squirrel had planted it! We decided we wanted to go on an acorn hunt outside.

After a quick check on the construction work, we ventured out on the trail where we discovered an abundance of little acorn trees. We each took time to find one that was as tall as ourselves. We even found one that had enough branches for all our friends. Back in the woods, we discovered a mature oak tree that had lovely low branches for us to climb on. Some friends even decided to ride the branches like a horse. Once our legs got tired we headed inside.

In the classroom, we worked on painting with acorns. Each friend decided how many acorns they wanted to paint with and they loaded them in a box with paint and shook it up. We each took turns doing a little dance. When we opened the box, we discovered each one was very different. Next week we will be discovering all things, Autumn!