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04/18- Buzzing Bee’s

Another rainy day here at the Boardman River Nature Center! We started our day with a fun activity Ms. Rachel set out for us. We used our hands to pick up small pompoms with tweezers and pretended that we were bees! The tweezers were our fuzzy bee legs and the small yellow pompoms were flower pollen. Our task was to transfer all of the pollen from the flower to the bee hive that Ms. Rachel made out of card-stock hexagons taped together. We noticed that it was quite difficult to pick up the smaller pompoms so we practiced with the large ones first. We also pretended we were butterflies with a longggggg proboscis (or yellow straw) and our butterfly wings. We used our proboscis to suck in air to pick up the pompoms which represented nectar from flowers.

After our activity we moved on to some free time creating a garden mural. Ms. Rachel let us have free rein of the craft supplies and said we could create anything we wanted in the garden. Many of us chose to paint with dot painters and use markers and crayons for the fine details. We brainstormed what kind of flowers to make and also used our imagination for other materials. Some of us chose to add bird houses made out of craft sticks and some of us drew animals to represent all types of wildlife in a garden.

After snack and a story we headed outside in the light rain, and to our surprise there was NO mud! Ms. Rachel came prepared with a water bottle and we mixed our own mud. We then searched for worms and anything else we could find under the logs and the leaves. We did not leave empty-handed! We continued our time outside with our first walk of the season down the stairs on the trail! We noticed the wood was extra slippery from the rain and we took our time going up and down. We took some time at the lookout to admire the river and the wildlife around us and then we continued back to the nature center. We finished our day with completing our garden mural on the wall and Ms. Taryn said next week we can choose a wall in the nature center to display it on! We can’t wait!

Looking forward to next week when we learn all about the Earth!