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04/11- When in Doubt, Dance it out!

Today, Ms. Rachel insisted on continuing the magnificent, messy, muddy fun that we have been having the last couple of weeks. But! THIS time, she added things that were wiggly and colorful…WORMS!

We created a recipe for fake mud that included corn starch, water and something else that smelled sweet and reminded us of chocolate! Ms. Rachel told us she added cocoa powder to our fake mud to make it not only smell delicious but look like REAL mud! We used our hands to mix everything up and make it extra gooey. After tons of fun in the mud using our tools and our hands we decided to do some crafts. We created bracelets, our own worms in gardens and colored to our hearts content. During our crafts we listened to our favorite Disney songs and chanted, “When in Doubt, Dance it out!”
With only three of us today, Ms. Rachel made sure we took full advantage of the last (hopefully) snow of the season. We asked Ms. Rachel if we could lead the way today to where we wanted to go- Ms. Rachel of course, said “Sure!” We discussed among ourselves and decided to make the trek to the pine forest to play hide and seek with our animals. We tried to fool Ms. Rachel in a game of Hot and Cold to find the animals but eventually we gave in and told her where to look.
Overall we had a great day and proved to ourselves that there is always time for play and to get messy!
See you next week!