Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

04/04 – Dirty, Dirt, Dirt!

Spring is finally starting to show it’s true colors to us! We started our day creating paper murals on the wall with items some of us had brought from home. We used the tree on the wall to place our birds and talked about what colors they were and what they sounded like.

Ms. Rachel let us explore the nature center today and we took full advantage! We gave the coyote some hugs and named our full deer mount, “Buck!” We then took some time to hang out at, “The Pond,” our pond-themed rug in the nature center. We grabbed the stuffed birds that make their calls when you squeeze them and talked about where they might live around the pond and why. Some of us said our birds swim in the pond and some pointed out that they may just fly over the pond. After reading a few stories we voted on where we wanted to eat our snack today. Today we voted to eat by our newly named deer-friend, Buck!

After snack we suited up to head outside, again with our favorite exploration tools. We weren’t too excited to put our snow suits on as we told Ms. Rachel, “It’s Spring! The Sun is out!” But we soon figured out why Ms. Rachel had a surprise for us around the corner of the nature center trail. Last week Ms. Taryn went to Goodwill and bought us some old kitchen utensils and pots and pans to create none other than ooey gooey MUD PIES! We instantly noticed how our feet were squishing down in to the mud and we wanted to play right away! We mixed the mud with whisks and sticks and topped our creations with sunflower seeds for the animals. When mixing we observed our mud getting thicker or thinner and what materials made this happen. We took turns with the whisk and continuously asked politely to Ms. Rachel if she had any more whisks for us to use. We look forward to more whisks next week!

Another magnificent, messy, muddy day exploring nature! We cannot wait to see you next week for more fun!