Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

03/21- Magnificent Muddy Messes!

Mother nature gave us some good fun today! We started the day with coloring and crafts. We noticed our bodies felt VERY hungry so we decided to have our snack a little early. 

After snack, we quickly got into our snow clothes and grabbed our favorite exploration tools and headed outside. We instantly noticed it did not feel as warm outside but we used our sense of smell to discover something familiar. Most friend exclaimed, “It smells like SPRING!” Suddenly something ran across our path towards its hiding place in the gardens! Ms. Rachel had us crouch down and whisper about what we thought it was. Some of us guessed it was a chipmunk and some said it was a gopher. We practiced our chipmunk/gopher calls and discussed what we thought this animal sounds like. Next, we made our way to our alien-snowman from last week, we were surprised to find out that he was almost gone! We talked about our predictions from last week and made new predictions about when our alien-snowman would be completely gone. After making our predictions we noticed the water droplets on the white pine needles all around us- a sure sign that spring has arrived! Ms. Rachel taught use how to tell if it is a white pine or red pine: red pines have two needles and white pines have five in a cluster. Remember: W-H-I-T-E, 5 letters/5 needles/white pine.

We decided as a group that we wanted to continue our walk around the building. As we walked, our friends noticed how squishy the mud was under our feet along the path. Then, the real fun began! We worked as a team to make a plan how everyone could get a chance at the squishy fun. We formed a line and took turns jumping in the squishy, giant, wet mud puddle along the path. We used our imaginations about how we could use our tools (shovels and rakes) to create things from the mud. Mud pies were the most popular and some of us got our feet so stuck that we almost jumped out of our boots! After all the fun our bodies felt VERY wet and messy and decided that it was time to go inside to dry off. Several of us told Ms. Rachel that “Today was a good day!” and “Today I had SO much fun!”

We met Ms. Taryn inside where she was waiting for us with awesome tree-cookies to decorate and create things with. Ms. Taryn was super bummed she was stuck in a meeting and  that she missed the puddle-jumping. We can’t wait to have her join us next time! We finished our day with imaginative play, each of us choosing to act like a different baby animal and a fun story about the things that live in and around an apple tree. 

Next week is Spring Break! We won’t be back until April 4th for Knee High. We hope to see you at our week of programs for Spring Break Series-2019!