Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

03/14- Is Spring here?

We had a lot of new experiences today! Our naturalists started their day with creating crafts of their very own while we waited for the rest of their friends. Some created fancy hats with colorful feathers and their names, some chose to color pictures of beavers. Once everyone arrived, Ms. Rachel surprised us with a change of plans! Today, we went outside FIRST!

Typically we choose to finish our days with outside time. But today the weather was so beautiful it called us out sooner! We explored a new area of the Nature Education Reserve today, out in front by the walkway into the Nature Center. Ms. Rachel let us choose which area of this new place that we wanted to explore first. We worked as a group to find the perfect spot for each member. Our naturalists noticed that the snow was perfectly pack-able today and many ideas were given on how we could use this pack-able snow! Some friends chose to roll the snow into balls to make snowmen and some problem solved how to build a wall with the snow. We decided together to create a family of alien-snowmen with 15 arms and legs made from sticks, two eyes made from flowers and some CRAZY hair made from the pine needles we found on the ground. Today was a very naturalist-led day and we cannot wait to continue in this direction.

As the temperature was rather high today we noticed our bodies felt wet and heavy, so we came to the consensus that it was time to head inside. Ms. Taryn surprised us with a HUGE roll of paper, we brainstormed ideas but decided to trace around our bodies with a marker and then hang our masterpieces on the wall to make a self portrait. Ms. Taryn worked with us to help us spell our names. Friends really displayed their creativity with outfit choices and materials like tape to use as a bandaid when their paper ripped.

Next week we will see if our predictions about when our friendly alien-snowman will melt, come true! Some predicted it would melt today, some said next week and the remaining friends said it will take a couple more weeks.

See you next week!