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03/07- The Tea Party in the Woods

Today, our naturalists were in for a treat! We were quite sleepy this morning and took it easy to start. Coloring pictures of tea cups had us curious as to what today’s program was going to be about. We also made beautiful bracelets and cool, colorful necklaces out of pipe cleaners and beads.

Ms. Rachel brought in the bear rug for us to lay on and read books while some of us decided to play at the sensory table. Snack time consisted of a picnic in the nature center in the sunlight coming through the back doors. It was warm and cozy; we snuggled into our spots with our snacks to read the popular book, “The Tea Party in the Woods,” by Akiko Myakoshi. We giggled at all of the animals that attended the tea party and were very happy that they all decided to help Akiko make a new pie.

After our snack we suited up in our snow clothes for a surprise outside! Ms. Rachel packed dixie-cups and bird seed and we found a spot in the pine forest under the trees that we thought might be fitting for animals to have there very own tea party! We had a sip of tea (water) with our pinkies up and each spread the bird seed around our spots where we were sitting for the animals to join when we left.

We are excited to go back to this spot next week to see if animals have enjoyed what we left them! We finished our day with 4 more books on the bear rug, 3 of which were brand new from Ms. Taryn’s special nature books. We hope to see you next week when we learn all about Beavers!