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02/28- The Mitten

Today our naturalists started with coloring winter-themed pictures. Some of our naturalists also decided to put together puzzles while our tummies began to get hungry. We casted our vote for where we decided to eat our snack today with the winning location being our wonderful classroom!

While we ate our snacks in the classroom, Ms. Rachel read us the classic story, “The Mitten,” by Jan Brett. We giggled at all of the animals trying to fit into the one small snow-white mitten and we eagerly helped Ms. Rachel act out the sneeze that the friendly bear has in the story when the small field mouse wiggles his tail on the bears nose. AAAAAAHHHHHH-CHOOOOOO!

After we finished eating, we snuggled up in our snow suits ready to venture outside into the snow and beautiful sunshine! We spoke about how two of our naturalist-friends are in Puerto-Rico this week and encouraged them to send us some sunshine! I think we got our wish! We miss you Irene and Fritz!

While outside, many of us stated that we couldn’t see because of the sun being so bright! I think we all have been missing the sunshine and were happy to have it shining down on us today. We created families of snow-angels (some even WITHOUT heads!) and made our own trails through the snow that had built up over the weekend. We watched the birds fly over the river from the lookout and did our best to call the chickadees in so that we could see them. When the wind picked up, we retreated to the pine forest where we talked about how the neighboring properties dogs that we could hear in the distance sounded like wolves barking. Our naturalists got creative and pretended to be quiet and use their camouflage to hide from the “wolves,” in the pines.

Finally, we worked our way back inside with chilly fingers and toes to work on a craft related to our story we read, our own mitten! We worked hard to sew our mittens with yarn and then decorated them with stickers and dot-painters. We then decorated the animals from the story and placed them in our mittens. What a fun day we had. We hope for a beautiful day next week as well and cannot wait to see you and your naturalists!