Inspiring exploration, appreciation, and conservation of our natural world.

2017 Summer Camp Schedule

IMG_2522Camp runs June 2017-August 2017 and   available for ages 4-6 & 7-11

Half-day Week Long Camp $95

Half-day week long camps run as follows: AM Session 9:00am-12:00pm OR PM Session 1:00pm-4:00pm.
Half-day camps available to ages 4-6 and 7-11

Full-day Week Long Camp $225

Full-day week long camps run from 9:00am-4:00pm. Lunch must be brought from home.
Full-day camps available to all ages ages 4-6 and 7-11

Daily options are available for all camps. Must be willing to sign up for two or more days, three or more weeks of the summer. Call 231-941-0960 to sign up.


June 26 -June 30: NEW! Wetlandia – Registration is CLOSED
Wetlands are disappearing fast; can you help us save them? Put on your rubber boots and wade through the swamp with us, and learn why wetlands are such an important ecosystem. This week you’ll get a chance to build your own beaver dam, bird watch, study frogs, take stream samples, and get up close and personal with some of Michigan’s wetland habitat.


July 3- July 7 (no July 4th): NEW! Wildly Creative – Registration is CLOSED 
Let your inner creative spirit run wild as we combine art and nature for a week! Each day will bring new art projects, and new inspiration. Not only will we draw inspiration from nature, but we will make it part of our projects! Join us as we spend our time sculpting with real clay, and painting by the river.

July 10-July 14: River Rangers – Registration is CLOSED 
Get ready to uncover the natural wonders of the Boardman River as you become an official River Ranger. Learn the ins and outs of freshwater while we collect live macroinvertebrates, take water samples, study fish, and even wade in Jack’s Creek! Rangers will take part in a week-long mission to keep our river healthy. Along the way, you will make new friends, create, learn, play, and explore the world beyond the water’s edge.

July 17- July 21: Bugs & Beyond  Registration is CLOSED 
The Natural Education Reserve is crawling with insects just waiting to be discovered! We’ll spend our days searching for bugs in all different habitats; no streambed, rotting log, or stone will be left unturned. Explore the unusual life cycles of bugs, what they eat, and how they survive in such a big world. We may even have a few special buggie friends come and visit us at the nature center.

July 24-July 28: Wilderness Rangers – Registration is CLOSED 
Do you know what it means to be a ranger? Join us to find out how you can help take care of our wildlife and wild lands. This week, we will head out on hikes with our specially stocked ranger packs, build our own mini national parks, help maintain the trails, and learn all about endangered species.

July 31- August 4: NEW! Nature ROCKS! – Registration is CLOSED
Join us for our first ever camp week featuring the rocks and fossils of Michigan! By the end of the week, you’ll be able to call yourself a Jr. Michigan Geologist. We will get wet in Jack’s Creek panning for pebbles, go on a real fossil dig, collect and identify rocks for our own collections, learn about Michigan during the age of the Petoskey stone, make our own fossils, study soil, and more!


August 7- August 11: Mission Explore – Registration is CLOSED
Get off the beaten path for a week and become an official Boardman River Nature Center Explorer! We will get our hands dirty and our feet wet as we explore the Natural Education Reserve. Along the way, we will learn navigation tricks, survival skills, how to track animals, plant identification, and more!

August 14- August 18: Nature Detectives – Registration is CLOSED
There are many mysteries to uncover at the Boardman River Nature Center, and we need your help!  Think you have what it takes to be a Nature Detective? Grab a magnifying glass and join us for a week of mystery and intrigue that will take us through the pine forest, the wetlands, and beyond. We will perfect our detective skills as we explore the Natural Education Reserve to solve our nature mystery.

August 21- August 25: NEW! Where the Wild Things Are – Registration is CLOSED
Michigan is a wild place; come explore the protected wilderness of the Natural Education Reserve with us and learn about the wild things that call Michigan home! Learn all about the beasts that lurk in the night and the day, experience what it would be like to live in a nest or burrow underground, discover the different habitats Michigan has to offer, and build your own ecosystem!

August 28- September 1:  Nature Ninjas (Half -day  AM session ONLY) – Registration is CLOSED
Did you know that nature is full of clever ninjas? From the camouflaging skin of frogs to the stealthy, silent wings of the owl, we will take a look at the ninja like adaptations of some of Michigan’s sneakiest animals. Each day will bring a new ninja skill straight from nature along with the tools to use it in nature!

All Nature Day Camp sessions include indoor activities and outdoor physical activities, and provide a unique combination of content-rich programming and complementary games and crafts. All programs are designed to encourage the curiosity of the natural world, allow exploration of natural areas, and promote a sense of stewardship in the next generation.
For this reason; campers will be placed in our Junior naturalist camp (ages 4-6) or our Naturalist camp (ages 7-11) based on age. Special requests for camp placement MAY BE able to be accommodated.  

The Boardman River Nature Center and Nature Day Camps are a State of Michigan Licensed Day Camp Facility and Program

Friends & other discounts are available. Discounts cannot be combined. All camps are held at the Boardman River Nature Center located at 1450 Cass Road in Traverse City.