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Preparing for Camp

Thank you for registering for a 2018 Summer Camp! The Summer Camp Parent Packet has everything you need to prepare for camp including: a packing list, what to expect at camp, and more!  Please download the camper information forms and return them to . It’s important that these are completed and submitted to us prior to the first day of camp. Please complete one set of forms for each child attending camp. If you have any questions please contact Taryn Carew, Camp Director, at or 231-941-0960 x24

2018 Summer Camp Parent Packet


Preparing for Camp

Someone very smart once said, “There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” – we couldn’t agree more. We go outside every day. Rain or shine. Unless the National Weather Service issues a watch or warning (heat, storm, or otherwise), we will go outside. This means if it’s really hot, really cold, raining, snowing, or anything in between we will go outside. Speaking from experience, we know a properly dressed camper is a happy camper. So please check the weather daily with your camper and decide together what will work best for that day.
Additionally, we strongly encourage campers to bring a backpack with the following:

  • refillable water bottle (we have water fountains)
  • sun hat
  • Properly fitting closed-toe shoes or boots
  • Sweatshirt/sweater
  • Spare clothes: socks, pants, undergarments
  • Swimsuit or clothes that they may get wet, and towel
  • rain coat
  • watershoes (or shoes that can get wet)
  • sunscreen, apply before camp
  • bug spray, apply before camp
  • snack (x2 if in full-day program
  • lunch (if in full-day program)

We encourage you to label all of your campers gear. BRNC Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
Lastly, please note the following are NOT acceptable at camp:

  • flip flops (campers in flip flops will not be permitted to participate in any activity)
  • umbrellas
  • dress up clothes/costumes (unless a themed day)
  • clothing that needs to stay “‘clean”
  • electronics (including game devices, ipods, cell phones, etc.)
  • toys from home


Thank You!


The Boardman River Nature Center and Nature Day Camps are a State of Michigan Licensed Day Camp Facility and Program