“Cornus stolonifera – Red Stem Dogwood” by M.Dolly is licensed under CC BY 2.0
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Dogwood, Red-Osier – 12-24″ – LOW STOCK

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Red-osier dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) is a fast-growing shrub that reaches 3-9 feet in height and 6-10 feet in width.  It prefers well-drained, wet to moist, sandy to clay soils.  Given its bright red bark and pleasant leaf structure it is often used ornamentally, especially for winter interest.  Red-osier dogwood is also useful for controlling erosion along stream banks.  It is an excellent tree for wildlife.

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Product Description


  • Seedling Size:   12-24″
  • Seedling Age:   2-0
  • Mature Height:   3 – 9 feet
  • Mature Width:   6 – 10 feet
  • Soil Type:    Sandy to clay, well-drained
  • Moisture:   Moist
  • Sun:   Partial shade
  • Growth Rate:   Fast

Key Characteristics of Red-Osier Dogwood

  • White flower clusters in bloom in June.
  • Bright red bark brings great winter interest.  Changes to green in the spring.
  • Deciduous, simple, and opposite leaves.  They reveal silky strands when split.
  • Small, white berries appear in August and September.

Visitors Attracted to Red-Osier Dogwood

  • Cedar waxwing (Bombycilla cedorum)
  • Spring azure butterfly (Celastrina ladon)
  • Ring-necked pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

Help Control Invasives!

Red-osier dogwood makes a great alternative to invasive honeysuckle species (Lonicera spp.), which can reduce tree and shrub regeneration and decrease overall native plant diversity.

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