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Maple, Red – 12-18″ (2-0)

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Red Maple (Acer rubrum) has a very high landscaping value for its shade and striking fall foliage. Because of its fast growth and tolerance for different soil types, and its high success rates for new plantings, it is often popular in new housing developments.

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Product Description

  • Seedling Size:  12-18″
  • Seedling Age:  2-0
  • Mature Height:  40 – 60 feet
  • Mature Width:  20 – 40 feet
  • Soil Type:  Well-drained, Clay, Silty
  • Moisture:  Moderate, Moist
  • Sun:  Full Sun
  • Growth Rate:  Medium, Fast

Key Characteristics of Red Maple

  • Red maple often has striking scarlet leaves in the fall. Few people know that red maple foliage can turn yellow or orange in the fall too.
  • Although the hard maples-sugar and black maple (Acer nigrum) are principally used for syrup production, red maple is also suitable.
  • The fruits (samaras) provide food for squirrels and many other rodents. Rabbits and deer eat the tender shoots and leaves of red maples.

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Help Control Invasives!

Norway Maple by Kevinlyfellow

Norway Maple by Kevinlyfellow

Red maple is a great alternative to invasive Norway Maple (Acer platanoides) and its hybrids (Crimson king, etc.).  Norway Maples produce a large quantity of seeds that can germinate rapidly and crowd out native species. The species can be locally dominant in forest stands, create dense shade, and displace native trees, shrubs and herbs. Its dense canopy also can shade out native wildflowers.